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Compa Compa
Posted on 2022-08-14 18:47 Link | ID: 447
like it seems so complicated, i can't explain it, but transferring what you hear in your head (yeah sometimes I kinda get like fragments of random made up melodies and shit in my head) to a piece of software just seems like such a pain, I don't really 'get' how people manage to do that

then again I have no understanding of music theory at all and am too dumb to force myself to learn it
ROllerozxa ROllerozxa
Site Admin
Posted on 2022-08-14 18:51 Link | ID: 449
Indeed. I've always wanted to compose my own music and tried in the past, but it always ends up being complete trash. The closest thing I've ever come to anything decent was the Sudoku soundtrack and that's extremely basic and short. (intended to be looped in-game)

The fun thing about tracker music is that the song construction is available... Like open source music. You can start fidgeting with each track and extract the samples and do all sorts of things with it to figure out how it's constructed.
Compa Compa
Posted on 2022-08-14 18:53 (edited 2022-08-14 18:54) Link | ID: 450
somehow i feel bad because i feel like i'd just be copying someone elses style and that i have to come up with things myself idk (probably because am dumbdumb but feel like i have to not look dum) ;w;
olive olive
Posted on 2022-08-14 22:25 (edited 2022-08-14 22:27) Link | ID: 452
I did Music for two years as a GCSE, and am not sure how I managed to get an ok grade.
Been a clarinetist for as long as I remember, but damn I could not compose anything even when being taught about it.
…I'm a big "you just need to learn/practice" person, but with writing music… I'd be willing to believe you need some innate talent.

just be copying someone elses style
Every form of art is just copying, they just call it inspiration. Genres exist for very good reason.
Compa Compa
Posted on 2022-08-14 23:12 (edited 2022-08-14 23:13) Link | ID: 454
I'd be willing to believe you need some innate talent.
honestly I believe it's this for basically anything (art, music, writing, acting, producing videos, etc) and that's why certain people make it and others just can't do things no matter what

tbh the amount of people who are really capable and skilled at doing things on every community I go, just constantly makes me feel like I have to gtfo because I'm not useful to anyone
luatic luatic
Posted on 2022-08-15 12:43 Link | ID: 456
I haven't composed any music and consider it mostly out of my reach, but here's how I think it might work.

I'd argue that nowadays it's mostly trial and error. Songs are short and artists don't churn out too many of them. Simply smash a couple notes together on a paper, play it and see how it sounds. Then iterate on that. Getting good at this means (1) developing a feeling for what sounds good (being able to rate a melody) (2) figuring out how to improve a melody/theme and (3) developing good heuristics for all of this.

Translating the "melody in your head" into a music sheet is nontrivial but supposedly can be learned.
ROllerozxa ROllerozxa
Site Admin
Posted on 2022-08-15 22:46 Link | ID: 457
somehow i feel bad because i feel like i'd just be copying someone elses style and that i have to come up with things myself idk (probably because am dumbdumb but feel like i have to not look dum) ;w;
If you've ever listened to enough tracker music you would recognise that a large part of tracker music share the same samples. One example was when I was listening to Arcane Toaster's tracker music discography and noticed one sample that sounded eerily familiar to ones in aurora.mod's baseline.

Seemingly she would have taken from the same sample library aurora.mod used, and I could recognise the instrument as "hey, it's that aurora.mod bass/drum sample", but it did not in any way feel unoriginal, because it was used in a completely new way.
Heredos Heredos
Posted on 2022-08-16 07:14 Link | ID: 459
of course there is some sensibility to sound involved, but not only.
music is math. just a loot of math. i haven't checked, but the math teacher of a friend, learnt piano just to be able to prove that music can be created through a formulae he created, and the music apparently souded more than decent.
slapping the sounds in your head in a computer or a scoresheet is as hard as playing them with an instrument (i also played clarinet for quite some time), but it becomes easier with some ear training.
also, if a short sample with a few notes sound good, this does not mean it will do good music. since music is all about surprising the listener, you can't just use a sample and loop it, you'll need to do slight modifications to this sample, change octave in the bass track or add a carefully crafted melody on top of it. but don't abuse and put too many surprising things in your song else the listener will just end up getting lost
Compa Compa
Posted on 2022-08-16 18:06 (edited 2022-08-16 18:06) Link | ID: 460
explains why I seem useless around other men, I'm terrible at maths and lack spatial awareness tbh :c
WonderWeeaboo WonderWeeaboo
Posted on 2022-08-19 00:24 Link | ID: 470
You don't need to know more than the very basics of Music Theory in order to start composing honestly, there are plenty of self-taught composers around, the first name that comes to mind being Nobuo Uematsu.

I personally think hands-on experience with an actual Piano (and maybe any other Instrument may help but for actual inputting notes into a DAW you will require a Piano keyboard nonetheless) is still the best way to learn melody structure and get creative quickly, or maybe that's just me and I'm wrong, idunno.

Still haven't tried making anything videogamey or melodically involved as I'm stuck with electronic music, plus I kinda suck at it and I never have good ideas.
LavaCreeperPeople LavaCreeperPeople
Posted on 2023-09-19 15:05 Link | ID: 695
Creating bad music is more fun than creating good music.
Compa Compa
Posted on 2023-10-02 06:27 Link | ID: 710
Creating bad music is more fun than creating good music.
You only say that because you're also a n00b, though.