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Posted on 2022-10-31 16:58 Link | ID: 515
In case you don't already know, the Voxelmanip Forums runs a heavily modified version of the Acmlmboard 2.5 forum software. While it's lightweight and all, it has terrible code quality and the codebase is largely outdated (not making use of a modern templating system, among other things).

So, as such, as I've alluded to previously:

My high school work project next semester is most likely going to be a forum software written entirely from scratch, so I may or may not be switching over to that when it's done.
That's right, the Voxelmanip Forums is getting a software change with a new forum software written from scratch. The frontend is intended to largely look the same (but made from the ground up and with some improvements), all features will be implemented in this new software, but the codebase itself will be much cleaner and make use of a templating system.

The current state of the WIP software can be seen here (unless I'm asked to temporarily take it down). It is intended to be largely compatible with the Acmlmboard database schema, so as it reaches an usable state I will be setting up a mirror of this forum running the new software to test it in a more real-world environment, before it switches over to become the main software.