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dibesfer dibesfer
Posted on 2023-11-28 23:11, in The Vending Machine Link | ID: 742
Drops a papyrus license to drive a personal 2 seats spaceship in the year 2050 Anno Domini.

*inserts a coin*
dibesfer dibesfer
Posted on 2023-10-05 00:57, in The Voxelmanip Classic Server! Link | ID: 714
This is the most intense experience I recall from playing minetest.

Some random dude nicknamed yanderesonly entered the minetest discord. He was writing quickly, some interesting profound shits in a clowny humour. Criticizing old-dated minetest ways to do things and how they didn't fit his superior abilities.

He was making chaos and provoking disagreements on the general channel. So I dm him, willing to channel that energy into some creative force.

I dueled him on who could build the greatest tower, here in The Voxelmanip Classic Server.

We were talking in the public voice channel. Arguing, and discussing controversies around while we were battling creatively.

He built the left tower. Clearly minecraft style. And I did the right tower, with a cobra in the top.

Then he vandalized some buildings by placing blocks around and next to them. For example, behind the rainbow flag "We are valid" he wrote "We are invaluable" in fire. And a vatican flag next to it.

Pretty much chaotic everything, and probably some dubious morality, who am I to judge. But that creative battle we had... I really miss the feeling of building next to someone that energic, realtime.

The rest of the time I'm just reducing my creative pulses to avoid overheating brains around.
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dibesfer dibesfer
Posted on 2023-09-22 00:17, in Opinion on Apple? Link | ID: 703
Best mock-ups in digital history.
dibesfer dibesfer
Posted on 2023-09-14 00:05, in The Voxelmanip First Thread Link | ID: 693
Welcome dibesfer!

I think I saw you last week on the voxelmanip minetest server? This place is kinda dead these days but yeah...
Thank you Compa and hi everyone!

I am dibesfer and I've conquered The Voxelmanip Classic Server.

Yes we met there while you were vandalizing gay propaganda.

I thought this forums had a lot to do with the Voxelmanip mt server. But no. Anyway. This layout feels better than the vast majority of wordpress sites. 🤣
You should add iframe {max-width = 100%} to the CSS

How I met VoxelmanipI first listened Sudoku

Then I played mtplace, which I proudly keep bookmarked.
You should add img {max-width = 100%} to the CSS

Then voxelmanip classic server.

I still struggle to write ROllerozxa.

I felt I had to contribute a little so here I am to test the limits of the markup languages!!!


Also first post of September. 🍂