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olive olive
Posted on 2024-04-20 21:53, in Writing a Minecraft Beta server in Lua Link | ID: 765
Found my password after a long while \(^ ° ^)/ hello again

Been fiddling with writing a Minecraft server, but rather than the well-documented Classic Protocol (& extensions) I've done before, the more "Who's Documentation?" Beta 1.7.

I separated out an old copy of wiki.vg docs which are very useful but don't describe how to actually use half the packets. (Praise be to whoever the "Great Old Ones" are.)

Just got it to send a stone & air world and have the client spawn-in, after… too much getting simple things wrong.
Used LuaJIT to FFI in libdeflate for chunk encoding to then be very happy you can skip that altogether and just send mass block changes!

(Winsnore for the client as I just could not get it to run on my Linux)

Everything pure Lua so far, featuring inefficient number→binary en/decoding, and assert(false)ing on trying to decode a 64-bit number too large to be safe in a Lua float for now. and I am very grateful to Lars for his float encoder which I've bodged in for now

Next step is to handle multiple clients, let them see each other, and then to let people interact with the world…
olive olive
Posted on 2024-04-20 21:08, in The Vending Machine Link | ID: 764
Yum! Chocolate with a… tinny after-taste.

*inserts a round one pound coin*
olive olive
Posted on 2023-11-22 12:34, in The Vending Machine Link | ID: 741
The shopping trolley detaches. Time for some speedy drifting!

*inserts a coin*
olive olive
Posted on 2023-11-22 12:30, in Banned For. Link | ID: 740
Banned for only being three posts behind Roller (quick, overtake & CLAIM THE GLORY OF something idk :3 )
olive olive
Posted on 2023-09-28 12:20, in The Voxelmanip First Thread Link | ID: 706
Welcome back olive! o.o
I wasn't aware I'd especially gone '(^.^)'
Just remember about here & check in every two months or so...
why does time fly so fast
olive olive
Posted on 2023-09-28 12:08, in The line ending wars - AKA CRLF hate thread Link | ID: 705
The easy solution is clearly to have everything on a single line!
olive olive
Posted on 2023-08-27 21:13, in The line ending wars - AKA CRLF hate thread (edited 2023-08-27 21:14) Link | ID: 690
iirc some early Macs did LFCR, which is technically also correct from an ASCII/typewriter POV.
Don't forget Unicode throwing some new newline chars in the mix intended to replace both CR & LF
olive olive
Posted on 2023-08-27 21:06, in The Voxelmanip First Thread Link | ID: 689
hehe "an ooser".
yeah the "an precedes vowels" rule is about spoken vowels, not written.
olive olive
Posted on 2023-06-24 16:12, in Banned For. Link | ID: 644
Banned for no profile pic
olive olive
Posted on 2023-04-11 16:23, in i made this thread in lynx (edited 2023-04-11 17:15) Link | ID: 628
Hello from mothra on Plan 9 (9front)!
The forum is functional, but graphically not the best.
The only real issue is quotes are indistinguishable from regular messages.
Pfps appear twice and mothra dosen't resize images which takes much vertical space, but with Plan 9's way of scrolling this isn't a big issue.
Please await my figuring out taking a screen-shot in a non-raw format you lot can see.

Edit @ 3:05 PM
Ok so apparently you can't double-post here before 12hrs is up.
Lost my typed out message damnit. Input box in this browser is really buggy if you type something longer than the box.
Imagine LT and GT are themselves, seems I can't post those either without the sanitizer messing my post up.

So, snapping is easy, just topng LT/dev/screen GTsnap.png.

Then to upload to catbox.moe, it's hpost -u https://nofun.catbox.moe/ -m https://catbox.moe/user/api.php submit:Upload reqtype:fileupload fileToUpload@snap.png.

Could also do it through the browser if I wanted.

olive olive
Posted on 2023-01-03 18:36, in ROllerozxa's new computer Link | ID: 616
In that first screenshot you've 𝑒 times as much RAM than me, within 0.04% :)
I only upgraded to 6GB from 4GB recently…
(and I'm slightly confused why it's 6GB and not 6GiB, I thought memory came in 1024s?)

Feel free to boo me for… the majority of things in the list.
olive olive
Posted on 2022-12-05 16:49, in The Vending Machine Link | ID: 600
You watch some metal rollers press your coin, then it be dropped into the basin below. It has a picture… Shia LaBeouf on all fours?!

*enters a doubloon*
olive olive
Posted on 2022-11-24 18:39, in Ask A Stupid Question / Get A Stupid Answer (edited 2022-11-24 18:40) Link | ID: 589
Via manipulation, I'd start with viral propaganda.
Alternatively, dress a point as a voxel and tell it to perform some bad act. Let society take place. You'll soon have a clear division between the point cloud and voxel grid. Just make sure that none of your beloved points convert convert to the voxel side, it can be quite a lossy process.

All this talk of Occam's razor, but whatever happened to🗦New🗧Einstein's 5D light-saber with multiverse time-travel All-new motion controls! Featuring Hershel Layton from the Professor Layton series?

Edit: damnit this is what I get for spending time writing stupid things & not refreshing the page first
olive olive
Posted on 2022-11-24 18:12, in The Vending Machine Link | ID: 585
cli-clack, chug, chug, chug, chug… …whrrrrp! out comes a paper shaped slice of paper.
one magical machine this, printing without complaint.

*attempts to pick the machine's lock*
olive olive
Posted on 2022-11-08 16:29, in Ask A Stupid Question / Get A Stupid Answer Link | ID: 567
Hard to tell, with all the flames & what.

How does one obtain a magic hyperbeam?
olive olive
Posted on 2022-11-03 18:16, in oops what happened to the logo Link | ID: 546
Seems you haven't blocked CSS content: in non-::after or ::before hehe
It's not officially part of standards but many Browsers support it.
keyframes and transforms are blocked though :(

(PS can you add preformatted to the quick style buttons?)
olive olive
Posted on 2022-11-03 17:12, in The Vending Machine (edited 2022-11-03 17:13) Link | ID: 544
You watch the pebbles roll around in the machine, tumbling… tumbling…
You wake up. The vending machine deposited a pile of sand on your head.

*inserts a circular piece of plastic*
olive olive
Posted on 2022-09-29 21:46, in Mycroft shenanigans (aka my adventures into pi and voice assistants) Link | ID: 504
Holy moly, didn't realise how expensive Pi's had become. :O
At that price it'd be better to look into some of those actual dedicated mini-servers rather than a Pi.
Pimoroni clearly has no stock as I can't even find Pis listed on the site at the mo', but does have some Pi 4's included with the essentials kit (£88/$98)
olive olive
Posted on 2022-09-19 21:58, in Infinitest... Minetest game inspired by Infiniminer Link | ID: 497
Any more progress on this? Sounds wonderful!
olive olive
Posted on 2022-09-15 19:34, in The Vending Machine Link | ID: 493
…trying to pay with a single penny?

*inserts a damn normal coin*