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Posted on 2023-07-30 11:22 (edited 2023-07-30 11:31) Link | ID: 666
- online.php because I like spying on people
- log.php, unlike ABXD though, have it clear itself out once a month
- mood avatars (with a board2-like UI, but without its exploits ecks dee)
- sendprivate.php and pm threads (blah blah ab2.064 is the only one that does this and its closed source blah blah)
- ABXD-styled editprofile because the current one makes me bloody annoyed trying to find anything
- editsmilies.php and editsettings.php
- hidden forums
- less padding on the tables
- syndromes
- ranksets
- the PORA box
- viewcounter
- a tool for purging old post revisions, as they fucking waste space in the database
- the crap I mentioned on the github
- the real name and birthday fields, and custom profile fields :( i miss them (and WHY IS BIO BEFORE LOCATION -.-)
- G E N D E R / funky usercolours
- local mods and subforums
- lostpass.php - also add an option for emails to be public or private, in such case
- thread icons & tags

also id 666 owo