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Posted on 2022-07-30 07:31 Link | ID: 405
this is not really a game technically speaking, but it could be fun anyway
in this "game", you explain and try to sell something either completely useless or something that serves the same purpose as something elbe but does it the wrong way.
try to explain why it could actually be a good idea as if you were trying to raise funds for a kickstarter.

let me give you an example:
the html5/wasm-based web browser
nowerdays, more and more apps are made using web technologies, to a point where some OSes are almost exclusively designed to run that kind of apps (chrome os iirc before it merged with android, firefox OS, kaiOS...)
the whole point of these kind of apps is that they are truly cross-platform, so the browser could run everywhere, and since this browser would be built with web technologies in mind, it would allow everyone with a decent internet connection to have a browser running in their browser to allow them to surf internet.

another example i found in the mock catalog book which gave me the idea of this "game":
the double spoon
so, we all agree that drinking a soup with big spoons that don't fit entirely in the mouth is a pain, because you'll have to sip usin the small extremity of the spoon and half of the content of the spoon falls on the sides of the spoon or drip on your chin.
well, you won't have to waste food anymore with the double spoon. this is a spoon with a bigger spoon under it that collects the falling soup so you can drink it afterwards.
Compa Compa
please just get off the internet already jamie
Posted on 2022-08-02 16:25 Link | ID: 421
This probably belongs more in General Chat...

Some sort of body pillow that is able to 'warm itself up' somehow when cuddled would be really adorable and nice. (I really want a Compa body pillow...)