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Posted on 2022-06-06 20:30 Link | ID: 5
ShakyTower was this really cool physics game for Android, you would tilt your phone to control the gravity and move around the cute cubes that JUST WON'T STOP MAKING WEIRD NOISES!

Oh yeah and it had a pretty banger soundtrack, consisting primarily of MIDI music... that unfortunately means it will play differently if you extract them from the game's APK. (I have a faithful recording of the main menu music but not the entire soundtrack, I should probably get around to record the entirety and upload them to YouTube sometime)

There was also a Christmas special made of it for some year (2012 or 2013 I think?) which contained new music, levels and lotsa snow.

The last version of the main version was called "TotalFree" which removes all IAPs and ads... Which also means you can't as easily skip levels, so if you would want that then the next to last version patched with Lucky Patcher would be your best bet.

Both are completely gone from Google Play so I uploaded the APKs I have in my personal Android APK archive to IA, which I believe to be the latest versions. Here's direct download links:
- ShakyTower v1.302 (4.3MB)
- ShakyTower Xmas v1.03 (5.5MB)