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ROllerozxa ROllerozxa
Site Admin
Posted on 2022-06-23 12:38 Link | ID: 41
Welcome to the new forum game forum. In order to keep the quality up and keep the postcount++-tier game threads down I decided to make all forum games have to be approved first before they can get a thread.

That means, the forum game needs to have some kind of work put into it by the posters. No "count to three million" or "post as many times until X posts" kinds of games that promotes spam.

Feel free to put your requests in this thread and I'll make a thread for them if they're considered good enough.
Xrdr Xrdr
Posted on 2022-06-27 22:13 Link | ID: 45
Can we have a vending machine thread please? ^_^

Basically, one person inserts a coin (or something else!) and then the next person will say what comes out of the vending machine, rinse and repeat...
Heredos Heredos
Posted on 2022-06-28 19:50 Link | ID: 57
what about a word chain?
someone says the first part of a word, someone replies with a second part that creates an existing word, and that second part becomes the first part of the next message
ROllerozxa ROllerozxa
Site Admin
Posted on 2022-07-02 23:10 Link | ID: 134
Erm, "word chain" could describe many kinds of forum games... @_@

I have a hard time being bothered to "approve" forum game ideas so I decided to just open up creating new threads in here without a request first. Feel free to make a new thread for it now.

(And for other people... The rule in TS still applies when making threads here!)