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Compa Compa
Banned: ok no
Posted on 2022-07-20 09:30 Link | ID: 333

Speaking of titles, a suggestion: why not add a Minecraft-like splash to the forum banner that rotates between titles (or at least have a piece of text randomly picked below it)?
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Site Admin
Posted on 2022-07-20 18:54 (edited 2022-07-20 18:56) Link | ID: 335
I have enough experience from principia-web to know putting minimum lengths on anything in order to make users write something more meaningful is completely impossible. But I still want to at least try to push people to writing something longer... >.<

I reduced the minimum thread title to just 7 characters, it should be low enough. Minimum message length gets to stay however. (20 characters for posts unless it's the TS)

Oh and about splashes, that's a good idea, I've actually thought about doing that because putting a random string as the logo title is too hidden for most people. :LOL:
Compa Compa
Banned: ok no
Posted on 2022-07-21 02:09 Link | ID: 337
That's better, thanks.